SOLLOG Prophecies 2020
SOLLOG Prophecies 2020


Prophecies Sollog


The Prophecies of SOLLOG are World Famous

They were written from 1995 to 2015 a Span of 20 Years

There are approximately 60 Prophecies

All were released to Usenet and are Time Stamped


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The Prophecies of Sollog Predicted

The Plague of 2020


2004 Tsunami & Great Quake that killed over 250,000

2011 Tsunami & Great Quake that caused the Fukushima Disaster

Deaths of JFK Jr & Princess Diana


There are also 914 Quatrains of SOLLOG

Book I Contains 300 Quatrains

Book II Contains 314 Quatrains

Book III Contains 300 Quatrains


SOLLOG has authored over 100 Books

The Major Writings of SOLLOG 


Prophecies of Sollog The Movie

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