SOLLOG Predicts his own Heart Attack

July 23rd 2021


I, Rabbi Sollog, will have a heart attack on August 2nd 2021 in Broward Court House due to a Demon Judge Towbin-Singer. I may die that day as well.

This is public notice that a Demon Judge Towbin-Singer is trying to kill me by ordering me against my doctor’s warnings to have a hearing in my civil case CACE20005089

I have sued the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer 5 Times in international court over her illegal actions in my civil case.

I already have 3 Judgments on the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer and have a Florida State Case CACE21014028 on the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer filed in Broward Court to recognize my judgments on the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer.

I have a Federal Court case on the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer.

I am a world famous Hebrew Rabbi who founded the fastest growing religion in history, that being TOH or Temple of Hayah.

I have end stage cardiac disease, I am disabled.

The demon judge Towbin-Singer knows my doctor has stated in court records that I cannot do hearings at this point in time due to my heart condition, yet the Demon Judge Towbin-Singer keeps ordering me to do a hearing in my civil case. She is simply out a DEMON.

You are invited to witness my heart attack on August 2nd 2021 in the Broward Court House.

Shall I die on August 2nd 2021, Lord God Almighty will destroy most life on this planet within two years of my death.

The US Judicial System is corrupt and worthless and was the last hope for humanity on this planet. My death, if it happens on August 2nd 2021, will bring Lord God Almighty’s wrath and Judgment on this world

When a demon judge like Michele Towbin-Singer is allowed to try to physically kill a rabbi of Lord God Almighty who is a proven Prophet, by abusing her Judicial Power and ordering a disabled senior with end stage cardiac disease who has been hospitalized almost 10 times in the past 9 months to do a hearing in a civil case, knowing my doctor says I cannot do any hearings right now due to my heart condition, that act is a declaration of war of humanity versus Lord God Almighty.

My Twitter account is full of Tweets to Govenor DeSantis and President Biden to intervene. They did nothing to save me, now Lord God Almighty will avenge my death and destroy most life on Earth.

I have the largest FBI file in history due to my public prophecies on historic events such as 911, the great Tsunami of 2004 and the Fukushima event.

I have asked Broward Court to provide me a wheel chair so I can do this hearing ordered by the demon judge Towbin-Singer. However, they ignore the ADA law and will not provide me a wheel chair.

I have a handicap placard due to the fact I cannot walk long distances due to my end stage cardiac disease.

If you want to interview me about my pending heart attack and possible death and the destruction of humanity due to the demon judge Towbin-Singer you can call Rabbi Sollog at

I revealed the proof of God in 1995, the video is at

It is why millions of people joined TOH in 26 years.

My mission on Earth is almost over, but my death will bring THE JUDGMENT of humanity.

My NFT Art is at

These are the three Demons trying to kill me

Judge Towbin-Singer
Ronald Kammer of Hinshaw
Sanaz Alempour of Cole Scott

The Lord God is Almighty and I am his Living Word.

Attacks trying to kill me were done publicly in my case by the demons Towbin-Singer, Kammer and Alempour. An attack on me is an attack on the Prophet of Lord God Almighty.

Behold the wrath of God Almighty is nigh.

Rabbi Sollog